MOEV is a Canadian band comprising of vocalist Julie Ferris and keyboardist/ producer Tom Ferris. Combining dance beats, swirling electronics and melodic vocals, MOEV are now releasing their sixth full length album ONE MINUTE WORLD.

MOEV established themselves as both dance floor and radio favourites with songs like "Crucify Me", "Yeah Whatever" and "Head Down". "Yeah Whatever" (Atlantic) charted in Billboard and "Crucify Me" (Atlantic) charted both Billboard & Rolling Stone. The album HEAD DOWN included production by John Fryer (NIN, Wire, Love & Rockets). "Halt" from MOEV's 2011 album VENTILATION was also produced by John Fryer.

Their sixth full-length studio album ONE MINUTE WORLD was released on July 31, 2013. Sonically this album sounds like the culmination of all the music the band has made in their last 10 years together. The first single and album opener "Who Are We?” examines our place in the world and is the most straight forward rock track on the album. “Impassable Sea" and "Subhuman Communication" deliver a chorus of soaring new wave euphoria while “Locked in a Box” is reminiscent of MOEV's "Yeah Whatever" album. Addictive title track “One Minute World” offers a groove filled dance track while "Until You See the Sun" brings a goth rock feel. "Wired Wrong" delivers a poignant and haunting hook while "Sitting Pretty", the quietest track, still emits a dark intensity.

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