Camp Otalith

The Westcoast Festival Camping Experience

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What's good?

  • Campfires! (Please check current fire bans prior to arrival)
  • On the water!
  • Flushing toilets & hot showers
  • Bring your guitars, violins, harmonicas
  • Children welcome!

The Rules!

  • No Drugs
  • No percussion instruments, stereos, boom boxes, or electronic dance music
  • No Drum Circles
  • No Car Camping
  • Pack it in, Pack it out
  • No Pets

Check in time: Thursday August 17 2pm-10pm, Friday August 18 10am-10pm

Why do you want to join us at Camp Otalith this summer? Nestled amongst a canopy of huge, hundred-year-old trees, in an award-winning West Coast paradise, our campground isn’t a baseball diamond or parking lot when it isn’t being used for Camp Otalith. It’s a campground. And it is fully-equipped! You’ll get to enjoy a hot shower, flush toilets and picnic tables while you’re not at the festival itself. Your tent will be shaded from the weather, be it hot or rainy. And you’ll get to mingle with some of the coolest festival-goers around!

Once again, the organizers of Otalith have secured the exclusive use of the Ucluelet Campground, for three nights during the festival. Located directly across the street, the campground is the closest possible accommodation to the festival. It is so close, in fact, that most people don’t even need to leave their site to enjoy the music. But, we recommend you do!

The Ucluelet Campground is also just a stroll from Ucluelet itself, so when the stage is dark, you can wander into town and enjoy a fresh, locally-roasted coffee, or head to the nearby beach for a surf or a tan.

Like last year, there are no designated camping spots. You’ll be assigned your space upon arrival by our happy welcoming team, so plan to come with the people you wish to camp with, or make new friends! To make room for more amazing music lovers, cars will not be allowed in the campground this year. However, you will be able to drive in, unload your gear, and then park in an indicated area nearby. Please remember that we are volunteers, so if you decide to all show up at once, we will do our absolute best to get you in as soon as we can.

Have an RV or camper van? We only have 20 spaces available, so act fast. Remember that everyone staying in your camper will need to purchase a regular camping pass as well. Buy tickets HERE!

We encourage you to create a true campground community, but please be mindful of your neighbours, as well as those who live nearby. Bring your acoustic guitar, harmonica or ukulele, but leave your drum kit at home. As you may remember from last year, we are a big supporter of campfire jams (hint hint). In fact, jamming around a campfire is hugely encouraged, and firewood will be available for purchase so you can jam all night. Please be aware, however, that we will not tolerate the use of percussion instruments, stereos, boom boxes, or electronic dance music that isn’t coming out of your headphones. Failure to comply with this greatly disrupts those around you, and we may ask you to leave.

Once again, Otalith strives to be a zero-waste festival, and we’re extending that to our campsite, too. Recycling and compost receptacles will be set up and easily identifiable so that we make as little an impact on our beautiful rain forest as possible. We ask that you refrain from burning anything that isn’t firewood, and that means anything you might find on the forest floor that resembles firewood. We love our trees standing, so please leave the axe at home, and bring or purchase wood for burning.

The area is home to a number of wild animal species, and while they may retreat during the festival, it is best not to entice them with garbage. Remember to keep food hidden away in your car or cooler, so that you have something to eat, and the raccoons do not. Please make sure to leave the campground as you found it. We encourage you to adopt the pack in, pack out mentality so that we can spend less resources on cleaning and more on music.

Alcohol is permitted within the campground, but we have zero tolerance for drugs. If you are caught using or selling drugs, we will have you escorted from the premises immediately by security, and you will be banned from the campground and the festival.

If you love your pets, please leave them at home. If you don’t love your pets, please also leave them at home. We will be enforcing a no-pet policy in our campground and at our festival. This is to ensure the safety of your pet, as well as the safety of all. Animals are scared of loud music, and are not safe locked away in a hot vehicle. If you bring your pet, you will be asked to leave.

We may ask you to leave your fur baby at home, but we welcome your real ones! Otalith is kid-friendly, and our campground is too. We will even have a designated camping area for children and families so that you can also enjoy the company of other like-minded music-goers.