Take Care of Each Other

Your Otalith Festival is about community

Welcome To Ucluelet

Otalith is a community. Given the current public health crisis in British Columbia, we are particularly concerned about the risks involved in consuming illicit substances. 

In accordance with Canadian law, Otalith is a drug-free event. However we realize, regardless of the law, our harm reduction plan and gate policies, and the inherent dangers of illicit drug use, some may still choose to use these substances.

With this in mind, we have a proactive approach to harm reduction. Our goal is to empower our peers to positively influence their own health and safety by providing some tools and information regarding harm reduction. Through education for and communication to our community around safer partying with your help we will keep Otalith the most family friendly event in BC.

We rely on our community to help each other out and speak up when something they see doesn't feel right.